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Technology without idolatry

Published 22 days ago

Technology is a study of means, and not ends. The ends are a different matter with their own content: Idolatrous, Pious, or somewhere in between.

Accordingly, talk of specific technologies is inherently talk of meta-means, how these means compare with these other means. Already quite speculative, it all becomes still less legible when you consider that anything that may be called "ends" are nowhere to be heard in discussion.

Clearly, one must be careful not to speak (or be influenced by) absurdity in such territory. And yet this arrangement would seem inevitable wherever product (ends) and engineering (means) are inorganically divided as is now customary.

As Mike Wakerly writes:

A mindset of technology being the means, not the end, is uncomfortable. But it will help you stay focused on what matters most (the product and your customers), avoid wasteful misadventures, and maximize the company’s chance of success.

[Y]our stack is unlikely to ever be the “main character” your customers rave about it. At best, only its qualities are what stand out. That’s a good thing. Feel good about keeping it that way.

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