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Published 14 days ago

The walk to and alongside truth entails choosing a path, terminated by a worthy interlocutor-ranger, retracing steps to find another, assessing, deciding, prophesying, whether the trail leads to His house at all.

Many trails do not, leading off the cliff, some odd ones do, others succeed that are narrow and straightforward.

In all this, the methodology of discovery seems quite important, with the Word as most trusted map. To do Works as a consequence of discovery, but following the Spirit and Principle (logos), not the praise of man or earthly things, which can only endorse any number of faults and vices, as compass and map.

To do so requires knowing and acting upon one's present location as in Lent most particularly, but throughout the seasons. In a culture of many nefarious gods and images and content, it may appear a form of vanity to look to oneself into one's own mirror to decide which house is the Lord's, but the vanity is in perceiving only its surface and reflection, to pull from Kierkegaard, and or to turn to the age of the smartphone, filters; artifices that threaten to deliver one to an outhouse.

No one comes to the Father except through Christ in all his Perfection so simple but complicated to one limited as myself.

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